Small Panels

A wonderful and special gift can be commissioned to hang in a window … these are some examples of small commissioned panels.

Erraid (30cm x 30cm)
Two's Company (30cm x 30cm)

Erraid – an evocation of a small island off the coast of Mull using a scallop shell rising from the sea. Leaded and painted glass. (30cm x 30cm)
Two’s Company – part of the ‘Plenty More Fish in the Sea’ series. Painted and stained glass. (30cm x 30cm)

Flame's Journey to the Sun (35 x 35cm)
Mayflower by Moonlight (35cm x 35cm)

The Flames Journey to the Sun: A mystical piece about death – to get to the sun the flame will have to be extinguished first in the river. Stained, etched and painted glass. (35cm x 35cm)
Mayflower by Moonlight – based on the Pilgrim Fathers during a night voyage in the Mayflower to the Americas. Stained, etched, painted and leaded glass. (35cm x 35cm)