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 Stained Glass as an Art – and Craft

T here are a number of interesting topics arising from my research that I offer as subjects for lectures.

1. ‘Sacred Art and the use of Geometry’
Judaic, Islamic, Christian and ancient religions all used geometry to create their temples and art work. This talk outlines the traditional arts from around the world that used geometry to create meaning in pattern-based work. This talk is based on the teaching of the Visual Islamic and Tradition Art Department formerly at the Royal College of Art. (Now Princes School of Traditional Arts)

2. ‘Medieval stained glass – the Rise and Fall’
From the 11th century to the 16th Stained glass evolved into the most glorious outpouring of Christian art and this was reflected in Europe’s medieval cathedrals. However the art was lost with the supremacy of painting and only recovered in the Victorian age.

3. ‘Making Mandalas’ – how to use geometry to create personal mandalas (circular designs meant for meditation purposes).

4. ‘Re-imagining the Feminine’
How the image of the female form evolved through the history of myth and religion and what we can learn from original sources. This talk can be accompanied with work projects on making sacred images suitable for participants aged 12/13 upwards.

5. ‘Reconfiguring the Rose’ – presentation on the PhD project with an onsite projection.

6. ‘A design in progress – St John Vianney’ – a presentation on the designing and process of making a stained glass window from making the original drawing to cutting and painting the individual pieces.

Other topics are subject to discussion.