New Projects

Since the seventies Feminist aesthetics sought a place for both women artists and craft skills defined, (and dismissed) as feminine. The great rose windows of the Middle Ages were conceived without the aid of sophisticated tools and made in a time when art and craft were not separate areas. Following on from the success of the pilot project the rose window template can now be used, either virtually or in real time, for schools, education and special interest groups to forge new understandings and create new visions. It is an ideal vehicle for discussion and experimentation that can be utilised in several ways:

  1. As a patchwork quilt for others – it is possible to make new pieces in the manner of a patchwork quilt – and being a virtual one it can have many different versions;
  2. As a basis for historical or cultural projects;
  3. As a backdrop for drama, dance and music events related to the imagery and ideas.

If you are part of a group which might be interested in making use of the project, I can offer assistance and help, for a fee. This would usually take the form of an initial lecture and introduction concerning the style of images.

It would be followed up by a talk on the adaptation of designs to create the effect of glass as a medium; the provision of templates; and help in making the initial images. This might involve teaching simple collage techniques and adapting the vision to other mediums such as textiles.

Please contact me as to how you might like to utilise the project.

rose with dims